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Updated: 11/08/2017

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Florencia S.M. Brück is a successful Argentinian painter, entrepreneur, photographer and musician. She believes in a hidden essential reality, offering us abstract, sensory-rich paintings, which are the fruit of her permanent studying and working with shapes and colors, taking into account their effect on the subjective experience. This is what French philosopher Michel Henry called “absolute subjectivity”, or the “absolute phenomenological life”.

She spent her youth in Milano, Italy. During this learning and development period, she discovered the works of the old masters and greatest European painters, who awakened her passion for visual arts and triggered her artistic search towards her own expression.

During the 1990s, she moved to Washington DC, where she co-founded 9th Insight, a renowned design, marketing and communication company where she collaborated with Top 500 organizations such as Discovery Channel, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft Xbox, Mediaset, Smithsonian Institution and Alcatel-Lucent, among others.

In 2002 she studied photography in Milan with Giac Casale, director of the Famous “Scuola dei Fotografi” and co-founded Balmist Photography, a fashion photography studio. During the following years she made an incursion in various cutting edge projects in the realm of virtual reality (VR) leading the design of the “32nd America’s Cup, Valencia, Spain” in Second Life.

Already in 2010, she got interested in abstract and irrational painting, seeking inspiration in the world of abstract expressionism and action painting. In this context, in 2011 she made an artistic residency in Vallauris, France, where she experimented with different techniques, such as acrylic dripping, on what would become her first collection entitled “Fluid Deeply”.

During a visit to Buenos Aires in 2012, she delves into the iconic figures that represent the Argentine idiosyncrasy. This is captured in her “Pop-art Argentina” series of portraits of famous characters, where she incorporated mixed techniques to include photography, digital graphic arts and acrylic painting. Her pop-art work of Julio Cortázar’s portrait has been selected for the tribute exhibition to Julio Cortázar’s 100 years at Espacio Cultural Donceles 66, Historical Center of Mexico City.

Between 2013 and 2014, she attended Andres Waissman’s workshops, where she made a series called “Manchas Negras” (Black Stains) using Indian inks and black acrylics on kraft paper; she also attended the fine arts research workshop of Helena Distefano and Heriberto Zorrilla, where she delved into oil painting techniques, composition, structure and color.

She continued her studies and participated in the MOOC “Managing the Arts” program of the Khan Academy and the Goethe Institute, “Modern Art & Ideas” from MoMa, The Museum of Modern Art; and is currently pursuing a degree on Art History at UNED, Madrid.

Her work “El Estanque” (The Pond) has been selected for the “New This Week Collection on Saatchi Online” by curator Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator and Director, Art Advisory at Saatchi Art, London.

In September 2015, she presented at the “International Houston Fine Art Fair”, NRG Center of Texas, her latest collection “Metáfora” (Metaphor), which consists of 20 oil paintings on canvas that she has been developing during the past two years. Her artistic style makes emphasis on the chromatic aspect, stressing color and form, highlighting their value and expressive force, without trying to imitate natural models or shapes and while abstract, are also a fairly accurate depiction of the life force in action.

In the same month she participates at the Centro Cultural Borges de Buenos Aires during the “Mirá Festival de Arte”, with 2 of her paintings from the Metáfora collection: “La derrota de Quimera”, oil on canvas 120 x 100 cm. and “Venus”, oil on canvas 110 x 150 cm.

During 2016 she continues her studies in Fine Arts and Media and participates in the course of Master Class Painting III with teaching professor Lois Renner and Master Painting Class I with professor Wolf Werdigier, at the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts and Media | Venice.

Currently in 2017 she is studing with Eduardo Stupia at the Torcuato Di Tella University and participating in Cazadores del Arte’s work clinic with Manuel Ameztoy, Sergio Bazán, Augusto Zanella and Alejandra Roux.

Florencia is also working on a new collection that explores the luminance of the oil painting using LED and fiber optics technology.

Her time is spent studying art history and painting between Buenos Aires, Milan and Texas, where she has a second art studio where she produces art for the American market.


“In the mind of all human beings there’s an area called “subconscious”, which produces, among other things, the greatest creative expression: the metaphor. My work has the cognitive function of processing information as of perception and acquired knowledge. The metaphor is one of the bridges that enables me to go from one world to the other” Florencia San Martín Brück.

Member of the AAMNBA, Asociación Amigos del Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Pérez Art Museum, Miami; Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), New York; Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (SRGF).

Florencia is also involved in helping to develop the art community; she has donated some paintings to help in the fundraising for the opening of POMO’s ART CENTER in Argentina.

Florencia S.M. Brück, es una exitosa artista plástica, empresaria, música y fotógrafa, nacida en Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Su creencia en una realidad esencial oculta nos proporciona pinturas abstractas, sensorialmente ricas, fruto de su constante estudio y trabajo con formas y colores teniendo en cuenta sus efectos en la experiencia subjetiva, lo que el filósofo francés Michel Henry llamaba “subjetividad absoluta” o la “absoluta vida fenomenológica “.

Su juventud transcurre en Milán, Italia. Durante su período de formación conoce las obras de los grandes maestros de la pintura italiana, los cuales despierta su pasión por las artes plásticas y encienden su búsqueda artística hacia una expresión propia.

En 1990 se traslada a Washington DC, donde co-funda 9th Insight, renombrada empresa de diseño, marketing y comunicación donde colaboraría con Top 500 como Discovery Channel, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft Xbox, Mediaset, Smithsonian Institution y Alcatel-Lucent, entre otras.

En 2002 estudia fotografía en Milan con Giac Casale, director de la “Famosa Scuola dei Fotografi” y Co-funda Balmist Photography, empresa de fotografía de moda. En los años que le siguen incursiona en diversos proyectos de vanguardia tales como la realidad virtual (VR), liderando la creación y ejecución de la “32nd America’s Cup, Valencia, España” en Second Life.

Ya en el 2010 se interesa por la pintura abstracta e irracional buscando inspiración en el mundo del expresionismo abstracto y del action painting. En ese contexto, realiza en 2011 una residencia artística en A.I.R Vallauris, Francia donde trabaja con diferentes técnicas como el acrylic dripping en lo que será su primer colección denominada “Fluid Deeply”.

En su visita a Buenos Aires en el 2012 inicia una búsqueda de las figuras emblemáticas que representan la idiosincrasia del ser argentino. Esto se ve plasmado en una serie de retratos de figuras famosas llamada “Pop-Art Argentina”, donde incorpora técnicas mixtas entre fotografía, artes gráficas digitales y pintura. Su obra del retrato de Julio Cortázar es convocada para la muestra Homenaje de los 100 años de Julio Cortázar en el Espacio Cultural Donceles 66, Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de México.

Entre el 2013 y 2014 asiste a los talleres de Andres Waissman, donde realiza una serie denominada “Manchas Negras” empleando tinturas chinas y acrílicos solo de color negro sobre papel misionero; tambien asiste a los talleres de investigación plástica de Helena Distefano y de Heriberto Zorrilla donde profundiza en las técnicas al oleo, composición, estructura y color.

Continua sus estudios y participa del programa MOOC “Managing the Arts” del Khan Academy & Goethe Institute, “Modern Art & Ideas” del MoMa, The Museum of Modern Art; y actualmente esta cursando la carrera en Historia del Arte en la UNED, Madrid.

Su obra “El Estanque” fue seleccionada para el “New This Week Collection on Saatchi Online” por la curadora Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator and Director, Art Advisory at Saatchi Art, Londres.

En Septiembre del 2015 presentó en el International Houston Fine Art Fair, NRG Center de Texas, su colección “Metáfora”, la que ha venido desarrollando a lo largo de estos últimos dos años, compuesta de 20 pinturas al óleo sobre tela. Su estilo artístico enfatiza los aspectos cromáticos, acentuándolos, resaltando su valor y fuerza expresiva, sin tratar de imitar modelos o formas naturales.

También expone en Centro Cultural Borges de Buenos Aires en el marco de Mirá Festival de Arte, dos de sus obras de la misma colección: “La derrota de Quimera”, óleo sobre tela 120 x 100 cm. y “Venus”, óleo sobre tela 110 x 150 cm.

Durante el 2016 continúa sus estudios y participa del International Summer Academy of Fine Arts and Media en Venecia, Master Class Painting profesor Lois Renner y Master Painting Class profesor Wolf Werdigier.

En el 2017 estudia con Eduardo Stupia en la Universidad Torcuato Di Tella y asiste a Cazadores del Arte en el programa de clinica de obra con Manuel Ameztoy, Sergio Bazán, Augusto Zanella y Alejandra Roux.

Para el 2017 prepara una nueva coleccion de pinturas donde incorpora en sus pinturas la tecnologia LED y las fibras opticas.


“En la mente de los seres humanos habita una zona llamada “inconsciente” que produce entre otras cuestiones, la mayor figura creativa: la metáfora. Mi obra tiene una función cognitiva, procesar información a partir de la percepción y el conocimiento adquirido y la metáfora es uno de los puentes que me posibilita el paso de un mundo al otro” – Florencia San Martín Brück.

Mimbro de la Asociación Amigos del Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (AAMNBA), Buenos Aires; Pérez Art Museum, Miami; Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), New York; Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation (SRGF).


E-mail: flor@fsmb-art.com

Web: http://www.fsmb-art.com