Revista Magenta Interview / Nota

 Interview, Revista Magenta. 10 Oct 2015. Empresaria, música, fotógrafa y artista plástica nacida en Buenos Aires. La multifacética Florencia San Martin Brück ha transitado un largo camino desde sus primeros años de estudio de arte y diseño entre Europa y los Estados Unidos hasta su reciente muestra donde presentó en el International Houston Fine Art

HFAF :: houston fine art fair September 9-12, 2015 :: FSMB on show @ houston fine art fair

The Houston Fine art Fair (HFAF) features scores of top-tier galleries from all corners of the world. Discover important Modern and Contemporary art, over 500 paintings, works on paper, prints, photography, and sculpture to choose from. Ranging from the big named masters to emerging up and comers. Florencia San Martin Brück’s art is intimately related

Birds of prey Drones

Digital art inspired by Jasper Bernes’s and Joshua Clover’s recent ‘ballad’ in their joint poetry collection. ‘Predator’, ‘Global Hawk’, ‘Reaper’ – birds of prey and angels of death, drones bear their names well. Only death can kill without ever dying itself. Facing such an enemy, there is no way out. As a Tshirt glorifying American