For this year’s BAI OPEN HOUSE on May 26 + 27, 2018 Berlin Art Institute will present the exhibition BAI FELLOWS. On display will be a selection of works by current and former participants. The event is part of artspring 2018.With its innovative concept of an international and contemporary art school and residency, the BAI is

Casa FOA 2016 :: Hadron Collider

FLORENCIA S.M. BRÜCK & JAVIER E. KRASUK Espacio de Arte #41 :: Hadron Collider Site Specific Art Installation – Suprasensorial // Experiments in Light, Color, Sound, Cinematic and Space. Acrylic on canvas, Size: 190 W x 120 H cm. with stainless still lines and light installation. Buenos Aires, Summer 2016 The art installation challenges the

8 Hour Journey, Palazzo Zenobio, Venice

Stop–motion animation project developed in 8 hours during the Venice International Summer Academy of Fine Arts & Media, July 2016 Abstract Painting, Animation, Sound, Script Florencia San Martin Brück Animation, Script Javier Krasuk Figurative Paintings Lorena Wildberger Photography Shooting Pavel Kraus Sculpture Doris Maria Kofler  

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Venice International Summer Academy

Florencia continues her studies in fine arts at the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts and Media | Venice, and participates in the course of Master Painting Class I with professor Wolf Werdigier and Master Class Painting III with teaching professor Lois Renner. The International Summerschool of Fine Arts and Media | Venice is grounded in

Espacio Cultural Donceles 66, Ciudad de México

Reflexiones sobre la contemporaneidad desde el arte Latinoamericano – Exposición Plástica, Espacio Cultural Donceles 66, Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de México. ….”Reflexiones sobre la contemporaneidad desde el arte latinoamericano, es un proyecto plástico itinerante, que reflexiona desde la narrativa pictórica, sobre el aquí y el ahora del Ser. El horizonte histórico-cultural, que se considera

Revista Magenta

 Interview, Revista Magenta. 10 Oct 2015. Empresaria, música, fotógrafa y artista plástica nacida en Buenos Aires. La multifacética Florencia San Martin Brück ha transitado un largo camino desde sus primeros años de estudio de arte y diseño entre Europa y los Estados Unidos hasta su reciente muestra donde presentó en el International Houston Fine Art

HFAF :: houston fine art fair

The Houston Fine art Fair (HFAF) features scores of top-tier galleries from all corners of the world. Discover important Modern and Contemporary art, over 500 paintings, works on paper, prints, photography, and sculpture to choose from. Ranging from the big named masters to emerging up and comers. Florencia San Martin Brück’s art is intimately related

“Metáfora”… the book

To welcome this new 2015, I’m proud to announce my new book “Metáfora” where you will find all my 2014 paintings of the Metáfora Collection. A special thanks to Javier, Heriberto and Helena that supported and inspired me in the production of this collection. FSMB, Florencia San Martin Brück :: Metáfora, Oil Paintings. from Flor

Inside the Studio

INTERVIEW -What are the major themes you pursue in your work? I approach the canvas with no models in mind, connecting to chaos, which is the basis of creation, which manifests from something unique to formless nothing.  I cast light on forms previously in the shadows of the unconscious. Once the chaos has unfolded its