La levedad del ser Diving deep within

Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha. If we restrict our attention to the regime of psycho-physiological states where conscious self-awareness is clearly present (that is, excluding sleep and dreaming), the pattern induced by the TM (transcendental meditation) technique may be expressed as a physiological analogy of the Third Law of Thermodynamics.  

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Being an interdisciplinary artist from various fields of practice, in this project I seek to navigate the confluence of art and technology to express the tension that exist in the dialogue between the human being and the artificial intelligence. #ai #wiredbrain #consciousness #bigdata #connectome #wiringdiagram #astralbodies #memories #virtualbrain #neuralconnections #ar #artificialinteligence #contemplation I use hashtags

Winner photography at the “Ecco Jpeggy” Telecome Italia. The Temples of the Khmer Empire

Winner photography at the “Ecco Jpeggy” Telecome Italia. Progetto Jpeggy, lanciato da Telecom Italia per celebrare l’Anno europeo della creatività e dell’innovazione. FOTOGRAFI A CONFRONTO – Pubblicare le proprie immagini in rete e condividerle con il resto del mondo non è una novità. Sono migliaia i fotoblog sparsi nel www e ci sono diverse piattaforme